Gorillas are one of those unique allures that invite tourists to Africa. These animals are herbivores in nature, mostly black in color and spend most of their time deep in the forests.

Thousands of travelers pack from various parts of the World and come to see these pretty animals. It is not only a unique but also a rewarding adventure.

For those who yearn to meet the rarely seen gorillas, make sure to first know these rules followed before you book a gorilla tour in Uganda, Rwanda, or DR Congo.

You must buy a permit.

All travelers with any signs of infectious diseases like flu, covid-19, and more are not allowed to meet the apes.

Don’t touch on these animals without permission.

Maintain your voice at a low tone while in the jungle.

Never eat in their presence.

Don’t run after or provoke them.

Keep a distance of about seven meters from these animals.

You are not permitted to take photos or videos using cameras with flashlights.

Don’t litter the park.

Children who are below 15 years of age don’t trek the Gorillas.

Come with protective wearing gear like strong hiking shoes, an umbrella, long-sleeved shirts and trousers, capes and sunglasses, gloves, waterproof bags, and jackets.